2018 Top Trends from NeoCon

Supporting 50 years of Tomorrow’s Design, we headed to Chicago

As NeoCon kicked off last month, industry leaders in commercial design from across the world headed to Chicago to showcase fresh ideas, new products and services in office furniture and design under one roof… And we knew we had to be there.

We headed across to join experts in our field exchange and discuss ideas to make workplaces of the future even more innovative and exciting to work in, despite the rapidly changing environment. Reflecting back on our experience last month, here are some key trends from NeoCon, Chicago.

1. As technology continues to evolve, the spaces we are creating are adapting. We saw a range of technology integrated products that transformed spaces – from huddle to casual and high to low. Although we have seen products that have enabled us to do this before, such as sit to stand technology, designs are more organic, seamlessly integrating these mechanisms into beautiful, organic designs.

2. Human well-being isn’t a design consideration; it’s a benchmark for good design. As big data and smart technologies drive new modes of office planning, companies can’t expect to thrive without considering staff wellbeing. It’s not only impacting whether or not they can attract and retain good staff but the business bottom line.

3. Embracing individuality and unique work styles are critical for workplaces as we also respect inclusivity for people of all abilities, genders and ages as our workforce must incorporate a range of generations. This includes the ‘Third Spaces’ concept as flexible informal spaces to conduct work to adapt to these different styles.

4. Biophilic design incorporates natural materials, like light, vegetation, nature videos and instances where the natural world can infiltrate the built environment. We can expect to see a lot more biophilic design elements in the workplace.

5. Retro, bold colours are making a comeback, as these hues made an impact at NeoCon 2018. Used in a wide range of elements, from flooring to furniture, acoustics and more, we’re looking forward to this trend.