2019 Office Design Trends

As advancing technology continues to impact the work environment, design trends are changing too. Your brand’s physical space is intrinsically connected with your business bottom line; from your employee’s happiness, the culture and ultimately engaging your staff to heighten your success. We expect 2019 to continue some trends from last year, evolving and innovating as brands remain fiercely competitive in a bid to attract and retain the top talent.

Curious about the top design trends you can expect to see more of this year? Read on below.

1. Experience, experience, experience.

We’ve spoken about the importance of experience – both employee and customer – in a blog post before and we can expect to see more of it in office design for 2019.

Employee experience can impact on wellness, community and your company culture. Office designs are considering the workstyles of all employees and teams, conducting workplace strategies and surveys ahead of beginning an office design project (if you’ve got questions about Workplace Strategy, take a look at our blog about it here). This helps to gather a deep understanding of your employees unique needs and wants – and creating spaces to suit. 

2. Coworking

This trend will evolve in 2019, with open formats becoming more shared to provide environments that are even more collaborative, creative and flexible, as they continue to attract the millennial market. 

3. Biophilic Design 

Our team has mentioned this trend before off the back of a trip to NeoCon in Chicago last year (you can read about that here). Biophilic Design involves the inclusion of natural elements as fundamental for your design. This can involve live plants all the way through the to the textures and patterns we find in natural elements.

A great example used in office design includes moss, as it’s super easy to maintain and can create a fantastic feature, just like at this entrance we designed and created at Experian as pictured above. 

4. Patterns and Bold Colours 

Perhaps it’s the impact of natural geometric patterning found in nature as above, we are seeing a lot more of this in areas that have traditionally been more conservative in the office. Workplaces are leaping towards more adventurous colours and patterns as they bring their company cultures alive in their physical surroundings.