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Business Office Design, where it all began…

Sheldon was founded in 1990, in Sydney by a team determined to take on a fresh approach to the business office design and construct process. Eager to take on a results driven approach, in its 30 years since inception, they’ve never stopped looking for more efficient and cost effective ways in designing office space layouts. 

In-house services, collaborating together

That’s why, as Sheldon has evolved, as to have the services that have been taken in-house.  The team now includes divisions from design right through to manufacturing, project management to electrical, each working together from start to finish of a project.

From the beginning, you can rest assured that our teams are working together to ensure that all elements of your business office design project have been thought about from all angles.

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Designing office spaces with your team in mind 

Company cultures are built from different teams, each working on different tasks, in different ways, at different times, with different agendas. In a rapidly changing workforce, we design with each type in mind, to empower each individual to have a sense of belonging and community in your new office space.

We work on researching and identifying the unique framework that your business is built on. From here, we make it our goal to bring people together through innovative and flexible design solutions, to create office space layouts that encourage workplace communities where people engage with each other and the business.

By transforming business cultures into healthy and vibrant workplaces, employees can facilitate strong relationships, communicate and support one another each day they come to work.

No matter where you are. 

Our experience working with international stakeholders has provided us with expert knowledge to effectively translate global standards & reflect these in local designs.

To deliver an office space that we treat like our own

We deliver your completed office space the way we would like ours to be delivered to us. We’re committed to providing a smooth, hassle-free turnkey solution from design through to statutory approvals, production, construction and handover. And it doesn’t stop there, our offering includes post-delivery services.

We are proud of our dedication to delivering a sustainable, quality product at the highest safety standards, and have rigorous processes in place that enable us to continuously achieve our Global Mark certification.

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