Office Design

The Workplace of the Future – it’s more than just technology

  The Workplace of the Future – it’s more than just technology There is no denying that the evolution of technology has dramatically changed the way we all work and definitely the future of workplace design. Yes we can work from wherever we want whenever we want. And yes, we can simply ask our VPA’s

Office Noise Control in an Open Plan Designed Workplace

How to Control Office Noise Email notifications, ringing phones, pages being printed, multiple co-workers’ conversations… How is anyone supposed to get any work done in an open office environment? While open office designed workplaces are a proven strategy to boost collaboration between employees, noise in the workplace can undoubtedly be extremely distracting, reduce concentration levels

Workplace Branding through Contemporary Design

Branding is a key element to any business. Brand identity is what makes your company unique, identifiable and engaging to your clients and customers. However, it’s extraordinary how many businesses still disregard branding in their corporate design or workplace. Workplaces have changed significantly in recent years, with innovative technology and new attitudes paving the