Office Design

Workplace Branding through Contemporary Design

Branding is a key element to any business. Brand identity is what makes your company unique, identifiable and engaging to your clients and customers. However, it’s extraordinary how many businesses still disregard branding in their corporate design or workplace. Workplaces have changed significantly in recent years, with innovative technology and new attitudes paving the

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) in the Office

Imagine walking into a sunlit office adorned with green indoor plants and large windows. Doesn’t that sound more appealing than an artificially lit, sterile room with just one window? While the concept of ‘greener offices’ may sound like another industry buzzword, the finite amount of non-renewable resources and its negative impact on the environment, specifically

Transform Your Office Design with Activity Based Workstations

  Are Activity Based Workstations the Future of Office Design? When looking back at the evolution of office design, it is clear we have come a long way from the office cubicles of the Modernist era. Companies in Sydney, and throughout the world, are continuously striving to improve the wellbeing of their employees and to