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Let our commercial electricians transform your office electrical fit out

At Sheldon, our team of qualified Commercial Electricians and Technology contractors will assess your current and future needs, and integrate new technologies to improve the productivity and functionality of your office.

With rapid advancements in technology and the digitisation of work it’s critical that your office space supports the modern workforce in a highly connected and productive environment.

Our Sydney Commercial Electricians and Data and Technology team facilitates this by ensuring the efficient and economical installation of all your office electrical, data, lighting and technology requirements.

Our in-house Electrical Project Manager is on hand throughout the project to answer any questions you may have. He will work closely with your internal or external IT Manager to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current technical needs and also future proof your new office fitout, as well as providing ongoing post-occupancy support as required.

Our services include:


Lighting affects the wellbeing and productivity of staff, as well as having an  significant impact on the running costs of your business. Sheldon will assess the current state of your office and look for opportunities to install energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting options, that also support staff comfort and productivity. Our Electrical Project Manager will assess natural light levels and glare concerns, installing flexible  and sustainable lighting options such as motion detectors, circadian or organic response lighting  as well as feature lighting for aesthetic appeal as specified by our design team.

Power & Data Requirements

Apart from your essential office power and data requirements for individual work points and meeting spaces, Sheldon’s commercial electricians will coordinate the entire workplaces electrical and data facilities, fire rated comms/server rooms, data recovery facilities, UPS,  security systems, access control, CCTV, and services and appliance power requirements. Our in-house Electrical Technology Manager provides you with a detailed checklist to ensure that no requirements are missed and that your new fitout provide the latest workplace facilities to ensure organisational connectivity and efficiency.

Audio Visual/Technology

Our Sydney Electrical Division facilitates the integration of new AV technologies by collaborating early in the process to ensure a seamless and timely delivery. Working closely with the nominated AV contractor, our commercial electricians will ensure the necessary provisions are in place so that they can install all of the communication and collaboration technological tools you desire to help your people perform at their best.