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Interior Design

Represent your brand and culture with commercial interior design

Businesses want their workplaces to be a hive of productive activity; where positive and happy staff are producing their best work; where communication and collaboration come naturally; workspaces that create the appropriate environment and mood in specific areas– from creative, collaborative and inspiring, to quiet and focussed.

Sheldon’s role is to find the perfect balance of practicality, aesthetics and emotional stimulation. We transform offices into environments where people feel motivated, comfortable, valued and productive. We understand that an office interior needs to inspire just as much as it represents your brand and culture.

For the best in corporate office interior design, you need look no further than Sheldon Commercial Interiors. Our commercial interior design team strengthens our capacity to provide a fully integrated turnkey commercial fitout solution, which is creative, efficient and cost effective.

As we undertake all office fitout components in-house, Sheldon office interior designers are very aware of construction and buildability issues, enabling production and implementation cost to be kept to a minimum through strategic office design.

Our Interior Design services include

  • Space Audits
  • Storage Audits
  • Test Fit Plans
  • Space Planning
  • Tenancy Evaluation
  • Workplace Concepts Design
  • Furniture and Finishes Selections (FFFE Schedules)
  • 3D Visualisations and walk-throughs
  • Branding Integration
  • AV Technology Integration
  • Base Building Refurbishments
  • Lobby Refurbishments
  • Speculative Office Fitouts
  • Council and Private Certifier Approvals (DA,BCA,DDA, Heritage)

How We Get Results

The first and most important step in Sheldon’s office interior design process is to listen to the needs and requirements of our clients and formulate a design brief.

It is important for us to understand your goals and what you hope to achieve with your new fitout. This early project development stage is where many initiatives can be implemented. These initiatives can be much more strategic than simply creating a more aesthetically pleasing work environment, and the results we achieve in our workplaces include:

  • Attracting the best people
  • Improved staff morale and retention
  • Enhanced workplace culture
  • Enhanced corporate branding and identity
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Enhanced technology/AV integration
  • Improved productivity
  • Savings in office outgoings
  • Green Workplace initiatives

Our office design concepts take into account short term goals, including cost and schedule considerations, along with medium and long-term goals, as outlined above. This comprehensive design approach ensures that you achieve the best results and receive a service that provides true value for money.

Sheldon’s advanced 3D Visualisation tools also ensure you understand exactly what your new workplace is going to look like by incorporating live walk-throughs and isometric views, with colour and finishes boards.

Delivering the Best Office Design and Fitout Australia-wide

Providing quality solutions in corporate design, Sheldon has over 28 years of experience in creating commercial fitouts. Contact us today to discuss a solution for your office or visit our office/showroom for innovative ideas.

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Interior Design