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Supporting Local Initiatives 

As a family-focused organisation, Sheldon supports local and national initiatives which maintain the health, cohesion and wellbeing of the Australian community. Sheldon’s business culture is community-driven and we support key social initiatives that support our purpose.

We also acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Reconciliation Path

At Sheldon, we believe every Australian has the right to a fair go. We look forward to a day when the gap in living standards between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and others is eradicated.

Sheldon has embarked on its own reconciliation journey, and aiming to make a difference to the lives of Australia’s First People. Sheldon is on the first stage of its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – Reflect. This stage is focused on building relationships, respect and opportunities.

Our journey began when Sheldon’s business owners realised the opportunity and responsibility they had to help facilitate change in attitudes toward Australia’s First People. After discussions with representatives from different community groups, the Sheldon team participates in Cultural Awareness sessions with Susan Moylan-Coombs, founder of The Gaimaragal GroupThrough Susan, we learn about the challenging history and experiences of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. As a result, Sheldon’s Working Group formed as a dedicated arm finding ways of engaging more with Australia’s First People, creating opportunities and further developing cultural ties. Click here to read more about Reconciliation Action Plans.

Tribal Warrior

The first step on our journey towards reconciliation, Sheldon is proud to work with Tribal Warrior, an organisation run by Aboriginal Elders.

Tribal Warrior works at a grassroots level to improve the wellbeing, health and opportunities for the Aboriginal community. Run in partnership with the Redfern Local Area Police Command, its team work with mentors to form good habits, guide by example, acknowledge achievements and inclusivity. The group has changed lives, transforming troubled teens into admirable community members.

Tribal Warrior is a not-for-profit group who rely on the community for financial support so that every dollar supports those it seeks to help. Sheldon designed office furniture to support Tribal Warrior’s purpose and created a meeting table featuring the Aboriginal flag, which touched the hearts of the Tribal Warrior team.

Sheldon looks forward to continuing work with the Tribal Warrior team as they support the local community.  Click here to read more about Tribal Warrior.

Newport Surf Life Saving

Sheldon has supported the Newport SLSC Club financially since 2004, which has included the donation of several surf boats.

As a non-for-profit organisation, dedicated to keeping people safe at the beach, this support makes it possible for Newport SLSC to continue to provide a safe beach environment for their local community, ensuring it continues to be an integral part of the Australian lifestyle.Newport SLSC safeguard their beach with regular beach patrols and provide community education about beach safety. Through their Nipper program, the club teaches children from a young age about the surf safety.

Winston Hills Soccer Team

Sheldon also supports the Winston Hills under 13s soccer team. Among other activities, Sheldon purchased new uniforms for the team.

The Winston Hills Club has teams for both men and women of all age groups, and fosters a strong sense of community through regular newsletters and events.

Reef Riders Longboard Classics

A family-oriented competition, Sheldon has sponsored the Reef Riders Longboard Classic since 2000. This annual competition for long boarders of all ages is held at Long Reef SLSC, located on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Long Beach SLSC not only awards trophies for main categories – it also hands out encouragement awards, trophies for the smallest wave and for the youngest competitor. The competition’s dedication to valuing every participant aligns with Sheldon’s dedication to recognising the contribution of every member of the team.

St Luke’s Grammar School & Watoto

As a family-oriented organisation, aligning with a school that fosters healthy personal development, emotional wellbeing and an ongoing dedication to self-improvement was a natural choice. Educating young people to face the challenges of the 21st century is a significant undertaking. Sheldon has provided assistance by completing the fitout of the computer room, as well as supplying workstations and furniture to the school. St Luke’s School has provided Sheldon with a Certificate of Appreciation for its ongoing support, which has also included taking on students for work experience.

Watoto is an organisation that cares for orphans and widows in Uganda. Its goal is to raise the next generation of Ugandan leaders. Watoto cares for orphans by placing them with loving families rather than in large orphanages. These children receive holistic care and an excellent education. St Luke’s Grammar School regularly sends a team of year 11 students to Uganda to pay for and assist in building new dwellings. Sheldon donated $10,000 towards building huts, and provides ongoing financial support within the community.