Early Contractor Involvement 2018-05-11T13:15:32+10:00

Sheldon offer Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

If you are looking for a partner to bring on earlier in the fitout process in order to eliminate risk and create a streamlined, cost effective and efficient project, Sheldon offer Early Contractor Involvement (ECI). The ECI model helps eliminate the risk of problems further along in the construction process, and  it allows for a far more collaborative approach between all project stakeholders.

At Sheldon we believe that to get the best results from the Early Contractor Involvement model it’s important to work with a team you can rely on. As the Sheldon team have over 28 of years of experience in the design and construct of commercial offices, we have the relationships, the technical knowledge and the practical experience to most effectively implement and manage this methodology process.

Through the ECI process we will:

  • Improve the ‘buildability of your design, providing key insights and technical product details that we have accumulated over the years;
  • Provide you with an improved cost estimation and subsequently manage costs far more effectively, eliminating the risk of surprises later on;
  • Early identification of risks and implementation of risk management solutions;
  • Better collaboration in the early phases of the project and a single point of responsibility;
  • More accurate balance between design scope and the technicalities of program and cost;
  • You, the client, get to input your thoughts early on, and are able to get involved in the decision making.

All along the way, we will be here for you to share any thoughts and concerns throughout the process and decision making. Ultimately, we’re here as an extension of your team in this early and critical phase of your project.