Sheldon Sponsored Burn at Yambulla Grain fields

Having developed a longstanding relationship with Sheldon, land regeneration project “Yambulla” are developing a new program that pairs Indigenous and non-indigenous people to walk together, to share old and new ideas. And to collaboratively find pathways to make this Country the best it can be.

Currently, Yambulla are working to combine perspectives and provide a unique field to interplant knowledge to build land regeneration skills such as invasive species control and landscape rehydration.

In early August, Sheldon sponsored Yuin man Nathan Lygon to walk with Yambulla’s Louis Convery, burning the Yambulla grain fields in a collaborative effort to care for the Country. The weather was perfect and the men worked at it for 6 days, starting in the afternoon and continuing into the night. They burnt 5 hectares, a great achievement, sharing knowledge and skills in the process.

Given this type of work hadn’t been undertaken in this manner for over 100 years, there was lots of learning to be had, enabling us to develop new techniques and principles that will be beneficial for many years to come. Most importantly, the men started somewhat timidly yet by the end of the 6 days they had developed confidence and were understanding the nuances of burning at Yambulla.

Sheldon is honored to be participating in Yambulla’s journey, and looks forward to continue to support the initiative.