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Manufacturing custom furniture systems

With over 2,500m2 of manufacturing and production space in Somersby, NSW, our furniture items can be tailored to meet your office design requirements. Manufacturing in-house gives us the ability to meet your budget and program needs, as well as directly controlling the quality of the finished product while ensuring that it is certified and readily available.From sit-to-stand workstations and boardroom tables to smart storage systems, Sheldon’s manufacturing division stays ahead of the curve in delivering innovative, high-quality modular joinery and furniture systems.

Sheldon’s highly-skilled cabinet makers pioneered the development of cost-effective workstation solutions. We also continue to research and develop our furniture range by reviewing the latest designs at European furniture exhibitions and incorporating the latest trends into our ranges. Our shorter lead times mean we can meet your program needs, particularly valuable for those projects requiring a fast turnaround.

Fitout ranges include a 10 year warranty, with most products made to order. Minimum stocks are kept on our fitout ranges, so please enquire for more detail on availability.

The Process

Sheldon develops customised office furniture by using state-of-the-art computer-aided technology that is linked to our manufacturing equipment. The latest technology ensures the highest quality end products, with the ability to deliver on time and within budgets.

As we work project to project, we can provide custom workstation solutions key to your specific wants and needs as a business. Whether that may be traditional seated workstations or sit-to-stand, height adjustable mobile desks offering fast charging capabilities and Bluetooth technology, we have you covered.

All Sheldon furniture systems are owned and manufactured in-house with raw material procurement and production processes within our control.

For more information, please get in touch.