A Commonwealth Agency | Sydney

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Project Description

A Commonwealth Agency | Sydney

Tailored, light-filled and unique. The refreshing take of a Commonwealth Agency’s space made eco-friendly use of existing materials, while steadily moving into a more expressive and contemporary atmosphere.

Project Details


L29, 201 Kent Street, Sydney




Design + Construct




4 Weeks


6 Weeks

As a central policy agency, it’s no surprise that the Commonwealth Agency team was outgrowing its current office. So, with an impending move from Market Street, the Treasury asked Sheldon for a new office fitout that expressed all things contemporary and future-forward.

However, the design budget was small due to a short timeline, detailed brief and high-security details. As a result, Sheldon was tasked to reuse as much of the existing space as possible and work it into a more modern design. This included some of the existing partitions/rooms, carpet, and kitchen joinery.

A particular highlight was the inclusion of a senior project manager who had a long history in high-security fitouts and a close working relationship with security contractors. Consistent and clear communication between all departments was key to maintain program and client requirements. And thanks to various departments under one roof, late changes could be captured and integrated into the design with minimal delay.

Despite these challenges, Sheldon met deadlines by calling on its inhouse capabilities and innovative thinking. By using the existing build as the base palette of the design, the team implemented cost-effective design solutions like transforming regular walls into office features with a bright paint palette.

The old office was tired with high desk partitions, enclosed spaces, and not much light flow. As the days passed, the new office fitout proved that an open and relatively flexible layout improved both individual and team efficiency. The new space had more meeting rooms, quiet rooms, and reduced workstation screens as well.

The finishing touches came to life in the compelling designs that stretch across the walls, complimenting the space’s new colour palette – a confident step towards an inspiring and contemporary atmosphere reflecting its future.