ACP Project for City Views Business Park with Goodman.

ACP Project for City Views Business Park with Goodman. 2020-07-20T14:48:23+10:00

Project Description

Agile and Responsive: Sheldon’s ACP Project for City Views Business Park with Goodman.

As trusted experts with over 30 years’ of experience, Sheldon have built an agile and responsive foundation to lead workplace wellness and safety. Accountability at every level, Sheldon understands the need to respond and become the leaders for effective change in such intricate circumstances. And when global property institution Goodman approached Sheldon to remove ACP cladding as part of their City Views Business Park project, Sheldon was more than ready to deliver.

(About the Location)

Home to some of Australia’s leading companies, Macquarie Park has 15 business parks in the precinct, providing spaces for a whole range of businesses alongside Epping road. City Views Business Park sits in the heart of the second largest office market in NSW, where its strategic location facilitates for all business needs through its accessibility and environmental surroundings, meeting a diverse range of business needs through its excellent access to transport and amenities.

To deliver with the intent on growing its position as the second largest office market, the need to conduct risk assessments and carry out due diligence was vital to futureproof the City Views Business Park, and through intensive investigations and findings, it was found that ACP was a standard material being used on buildings across Australia as a low-cost cladding solution, with City Views being one of them.

(History of ACP Materials)

On the 14th of June 2017, the 24 storey Grenfell Tower in West London burst into flames, causing 72 deaths due to the combustible materials of aluminium composite panels (ACP), and as a response to ensure the safety and minimise risk – The Commissioner has imposed a building product use ban for Aluminium Composite Panels compromised with more than 30% polythene by mass.

“Cladding is often used to cover the external walls of a building. A growing number of modern buildings utilise cladding made up of composite panels, such as aluminium composite panels. These are generally two thin sheets of aluminium separated by a core material. The core can be made up of polyethylene (PE), mineral fibre or a combination of both, and can contribute to how easily the cladding burns and its potential to spread fire.”  – Fair Trade NSW

(Sheldon’s Part in Goodman Project)

We at Sheldon are honoured to have been part of an important and substantial  development for workplace transformation by ensuring that the health and safety of the people are fulfilled through our resolution to replace ACP with a solid non-combustible Aluminum Facade cladding system. Using scissor lifts, 85 foot and 135 foot boom lifts Sheldon delivered the project two weeks ahead of schedule and under budget.

Agile and responsive from start to finish, we thrive on innovation by pushing boundaries and challenging what’s possible. The complete turn-key solution utilising all of Sheldon’s in-house divisions including design, project management, electrical/data/technology, partitioning and manufacturing to facilitate your every need.