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Project Description

Level 1, 103 Miller Street, North Sydney

Project Details




Design + Construct


4 Weeks


7 Weeks

Access Innovation Media (Ai-Media) are a captioning company, dedicated to ending the experience of social, educational and vocational exclusion. Since it founded in 2003, the company has experienced rapid expansion, and its new office in Sydney was to reflect its success and growth in the industry.

The brief was to create an edgy, fun space that involved bright pops of colour, with suitable areas for social gatherings. The breakout space was to be the focal point amidst the open plan layout.

Sheldon designed a space that highlighted the boardroom and breakout as standouts in the space, while enabling all workspaces to have a window outlook to the busy centre hub of North Sydney below.

Since moving in, Ai-Media’s choice in artwork further compliments the space and design. The new office is both inviting and modern, with open plans and social areas creating a work environment that staff can enjoy together as thanks for the hard work that they’ve put in.

Since moving into the new workspace, AiMedia has noticed a more transparent culture with a buzz in the office – particular in shared social spaces.

To know more about Ai-Media, visit their website through: https://www.ai-media.tv/our-story/