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Project Description

Diversified Communications Australia | Mumbrella

Project Details


L2, 99 Walker Street, North Sydney


580 m2


Design + Construct


1:12 (48 Staff)


5 Weeks


8 Weeks

Diversified Communications Australia are a team of industry-leading media and event publishers, producers, educators and strategists who answer today’s business challenges with powerful media solutions. When Diversified Communications acquired one of Australia’s marketing industry leaders; Mumbrella, Sheldon was called upon to 99 Walker Street to evaluate and design how to bring the two independant brands together upon their new united venture.

Without doubt, the nature of being acquired created an inevitable noise of uncertainty and complexity, calling the need to implement a strategic cultural piece throughout the fitout. To transform both brands into a physical space, the luxury of event space and collaborative breakout areas were vital for the project to stimulate a sense of flexibility and freedom. Sheldon’s in-house interior designer, Danielle Wilkinson incorporated a long operable board along the feature wall that extends through the length of the office as well as adjustable black dividers to enable sessions of any size to come together and utilise the space. Utilising the outdoor balcony area as part of the event space configurations, Sheldon was able to provide a cost-effective solution to host in-house events.

The key drivers of Sheldon’s visual rationale revolved around our challenge with the perimeter’s dark tinted glaze and complementing it with the right palate. Focusing on a clean, minimal yet functional beauty, Danielle chose to lead with a “Scandanavian Effect” throughout her designs whilst using the Mumbrella Blue throughout as its focal colour feature. The two came to the conclusion to feature the reputable Mumbrella brand as the primary source of identity to provide assurance and comfort to the Mumbrella family, enabling the ability to “start off on the right foot”.

Sheldon finished off the space with their own designed and manufactured furniture and joinery using “light, muted colours” and incorporated pots of greenery to freshen up the space.

The streamlined and cost effective delivery was made possible due to Sheldon’s inhouse teams of design, project management, partitioning and electrical/data successfully collaborating to achieve a stunning result.

Designing and building for workplace happiness for over 30 years, Sheldon is proud to have part in the Diversified X Mumbrella journey.