Functional educational space in a heritage location

Empower City 2018-04-09T01:29:05+10:00

Project Description

Level 7, 451 Pitt St, Sydney

Located at 451 Pitt Street, Empower desired a new space that catered for their staff and provided students with the facilities and educational tools needed to thrive.

A heritage space, the Manning Building, formerly known as the New Belmore Market, still boasts its original 1892 facade along with many of the interior features.

Located on Level 7, Empower wanted a mix of spaces to be included in the design, from an student services space and teachers lounge, to an IT Classroom and flexible lecture rooms.

Many of the features were to line up with the design of a previous campus, making regular communication with stakeholders key.

The project was carefully programmed with adequate time provided to ensure all elements of the new build complied with the heritage restrictions of the site.

Project Details




Design + Construct


20 Weeks


7 Weeks