An office redesign that inspired a culture overhaul

Isagenix 2018-04-27T00:15:07+10:00

Project Description

85 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park

The new office space for the Isagenix team features a crisp and clean colour palette with their brand colour and message integrated throughout. Contrasting timber accents maintain a sense of warmth within the space.

The completely open back-of-house boasts small collaboration areas, which are not only functional but break up the workstation area. 20% of the workstations are sit-to-stand, with the large skylight providing natural light over the work areas.

A large training / showroom area enables ISAGENIX to bring in clients for presentations, thereby eliminating the need for offsite function areas. They also now have a choice between a large breakout area and an open rooftop space for staff functions.

The ‘ISAGUY’ feature was incorporated into the ceiling over both the reception area and the training room, with LED back lighting to bring it to life.

This part of the design proved to be a challenge, with only a small lift on site to work with. To accommodate this, the Sheldon team had the piece manufactured in separate pieces.

ISAGENIX absolutely loved their fitout and the positive culture it inspired. The engagement between ISAGENIX and Sheldon throughout the process ensured the successful result for all.

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