LaSalle Investment Management

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Project Description

LaSalle Investment Management

Less is more: a space’s simple transformation with a warm and minimalistic design approach.

Project Details


L1, 40 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park




Design + Construct




3 Weeks


5 Weeks

When LaSalle Investment Management needed a display workspace, also known as a speculative fitout, Sheldon answered the call to create a showpiece office that not only transformed an empty space into something more welcoming, but also offered functional gathering areas for connection and community.

As a speculative fitout, the colour palette needed to appeal to a wide range of potential tenants. And it had to feel like a space that anyone could step into and see their organisations setting up and settling in around them.

However, being on an upper level, LaSalle’s space was only accessible by first using a lift and then walking down a dimly lit corridor. And to Catherine Daniali, one of Sheldon’s interior designers, a change was clearly necessary.

“It was such a dark and empty space from beginning to end, particularly when making your way to the office,” she said. “So, it wasn’t enough to do a fitout for just the main room, because people would step into the corridor before anything else. From when the lift doors opened, your first experience would be a negative one.”

The finished space encourages both spontaneous collaboration and quiet individual work, depending on day-to-day business needs. And with a range of deep blue and warm timber hues gracing different office elements, it became professional, warm and appealing to a myriad of people.

The room itself is spacious and allowed a breakout area to form. Set apart from the working area, employees can relax, eat and interact with each other. A small booth was also crafted as a ‘focus point’, adorned with wall lights and laptop tables, thoughtfully designed as an area to make phone calls or as simply a refreshing work environment away from regular workstations.

“Fostering strong teams is one of our key design goals. We like creating design elements that bring people together, especially around food or collaborative work zones,” says Catherine. “Design has a key role to play to enable employees to remain focused and on task, but also enable social engagement to connect and exchange ideas.”