A vibrant design for Recall's Alexandria head quarters

Recall 2018-04-26T05:49:32+10:00

Project Description

180-190 Bourke Rd, Alexandria

Recall’s relocation to a new head office was an opportunity for the company to re-invigorate their workplace culture.

This information management solution company felt their tired looking premises needed a new look at a new site in the heart of industrial Alexandria.

Taking inspiration from Recall’s beginnings, the ceiling and lighting elements were dramatised with geometry, a subtle nod to the development of the brand and their services.

The client was specific about clearly separating the ‘work area’ from the ‘play area’ while maintaining access to plenty of natural light for all workstations, particularly challenging on a large divided floor plan such as Recall’s.

The sense of connection from the front of house to the team breakout area was also intensified through the use of custom feature strip lighting that is contrasted with the dark exposed ceiling above, leading the users on a sensory journey from one space to the other.

The outcome is a quirky and fun space with ties to its new surroundings, with several breakout zones for staff to embrace the brand’s new look and feel.

Sheldon worked closely with the client to align their expectations of sustainable design through the reuse of approximately 50% of their existing workstations, while still achieving a modern and edgy interior.

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Design + Construct


16 Weeks


8 Weeks