Six floors linked through on-brand graphics and design

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Project Description

Level 5 – 10, 40 Miller Street, North Sydney

Project Details




Design + Construct


8 Weeks


20 Weeks (phased)

UGL engaged Sheldon to refurbish their existing premises in North Sydney’s Miller Street to give the space a contemporary look and feel, whilst also representing their brand and people.

Working across six floors, the Sheldon team completed the refurbishment of all levels, including the entire reception area on level 8, and the construction of a new interconnecting staircase.

To complete the project on time, the program for UGL was carefully staged. The uppermost levels along with the large reception space were completed initially, followed by the lower levels.

The Sheldon team relocated the reception area from level 5 to 8, creating a space complete with high-end finishes and joinery, a state of the art sign-in system for guests, complex graphics, custom bulkheads and feature carpet.

The space, now ten times its previous size, presents as an impressive first port of call for UGL’s clientele. Several new meeting spaces were incorporated into both the front and back of house, ensuring the space remained functional. The linked graphic concepts across all levels helps to foster a sense of connection between staff, further aided by the interconnecting stair.

The Sheldon team faced several challenges during the project, including the balance of aesthetics and structural engineering of the new staircase. These were successfully resolved through careful collaboration between Sheldon’s in house design team, trades and consultants to achieve an excellent outcome for all involved.