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An effective workplace strategy is the core of a successful business

Understanding how you use your current space, and how it can be optimised for the future is the key objective in creating a better workplace strategy and a better business. By gaining a thorough understanding of your business’s current workplace performance, Sheldon’s workplace strategists align your workplace design solution with your organisational objectives. We help you to understand the critical connection that enhances business performance – the relationship between people and the workplace.

By collecting measurable insights that reviews, evaluates and determines your requirements, Sheldon helps your business streamline costs, improve staff engagement and enhance your company’s performance – leading to meaningful change into your organisation.

We combine workplace research, strategy and design to provide data and evidence-based results. We use our experience and knowledge of workplace design to test and recommend strategies, best practices and new ways of working. This insight translates into tangible and long-term value for your business.

Benefits of Workplace Strategy

  • Define appropriate space allocations
  • Allow the designers to design based on evidence
  • Optimise the Client’s use of the space
  • Promote collaboration and interaction in the right areas
  • Save on property costs
  • Improves productivity, effectiveness and morale
  • Reduce attrition, absenteeism and improve new staff attraction
  • Acts as a catalyst for change in staff behaviours and enables the desired culture.

How We Get Workplace Design Results

Our workplace strategists are experts in undertaking a Workplace Assessment which includes:

  • Identify business drivers
  • Space Utilisation analysis
  • Cross Departmental analysis
  • Surveys and Workshops
  • Storage and Filing Assessment
  • Technology Integration analysis
  • Workstyle indicators.

Our powerful Workplace Assessment tool will give your business the understanding and insight needed to create a functional work environment that is flexible and future proof enabling your business to thrive.

Contact us today for a complimentary Workplace Assessment to ensure that your next workplace design enhances your business performance.