The Importance of Employee Experience

Members of the Sheldon team recently headed to a breakfast event to learn from industry experts about the importance of employee experience, particularly in a thriving digital world and the impact that it has on workplace design.

MIT researcher, Kristine Gery, kicked off the morning by sharing her research insights, followed by a panel discussion, which she was joined by Lendlease’s General Manager of Workplace & Change, Natalie Slessor, Mirvac’s General Manager of Workplace Experiences, Paul Edwards and EY’s Managing Partner of Real Estate and Construction, Selina Short. The team challenged existing office design norms, shared their thoughts about the future, particularly in this fast-paced, rapidly advancing digital world – and what considerations business must take on to keep up.

As AI and robotics continues to advance, we’re automating more tasks in business and what’s left for our employees is typically the more challenging of their work tasks. It’s also changing the existing physical space requirements that we needed, and forcing us to reconsider how we use physical space – in terms of its flexibility and user focus.

Ultimately, getting this user experience right will absolutely impact your business’s bottom line. We can no longer think about the employee experience as a ‘nice to have addition’ and instead focus our efforts and finances on a ‘customer experience’; the employee experience should be just as important.

As part of our end-to-end design and construct offering at Sheldon, we offer workplace strategy and assessment to help your company uncover true insights that your employees are looking for in their experience in the office environment. Sometimes, if you’re eager to get started on your fitout project from a tired office to a new space it can be easy to jump right in. However, a necessary step in the process is ensuring you do your groundwork research and find out what experience it is that your various teams are after – to develop a brief.

For more information on our Workplace Assessment and Strategy offering and how we can help you discover what experiences your employees are looking for in the workplace take a look here. 

To find out more about Kristine Gery’s research, an insightful interview on the topic can be seen in HBR here.