Using Feng Shui to Create Flow in the Workplace

We spend a huge amount of time within our office environments – which is why careful planning and investment into your office fitout will ensure that your employees will be inspired by their surroundings, leading to increased productivity and prosperity for your people and business.

We want to empower your employees to do the best work of their careers, and the environment they are in will either consciously or subconsciously impact their ability to do so.

Have you considered Feng Shui principles to create flow within your office? Defined as the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, take a look at some of our favourites below.

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Harmony and Energy

Designing workplaces for harmony, including integrating some of the five elements to balance, strengthen or weaken the Chi and to create a natural energy. This can be achieved by building in design features of wood, earth, metal, fire and water. This works well with the addition of calming design features, to help employees enhance their mood when needed.

Power in position

Unsurprisingly, the position of your desk or office within your workspace is a key factor. Consider what happens behind your back – ideally, if you can have a solid wall or furnishings behind you and face towards the door, this is the best position to be in. Not only are you reducing any potential distractions that can happen behind you, but it is also said that the alternative can bring weak and insecure energy. If this isn’t possible with your office layout, perhaps consider slightly repositioning the direction that your chair faces. Alternatively, use greenery and plants, which is great for the air in the space too.

On the topic of chairs, consider the height of the back of your chair. Not only does a high back provide better support for your back, but it’s also believed to resonate a power position within your company.

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Cut the clutter

Cluttered office environments are not only an eyesore for guests, the clutter impacts employee productivity and it can be believed that when it’s placed on the floor, but it will also way down new and good business.

No one likes a cluttered office environment, so consider a small few changes to make a harmonious environment. If you’re trying to reduce paper use in the office, consider locating the printing room a little further away.

Take workstation design into consideration and hide storage and cables. Consider the flow of the flow in these areas, and consider what will create a better energy for employees. And, encourage spending a minute or two at the end of each day cleaning up desks. It’s a small price for a big impact on productivity amongst staff.

MNF Sydney Office

First impressions count

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that we’re really passionate about this point. First impressions are key, and the entrance of your office should set the right tone for both your clients and employees. Consider the various materials that you use in the space, the impression they will give off and the feelings they will evoke.

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Review your art choices

Artwork can play a huge role in the feel of an office environment, and careful planning should go into what you choose. Look towards natural elements to represent prosperity; open landscapes will help to create harmony within the office. Horizontal elements, in particular, are seen to unify energies.We are often particularly inspired by Australian art from Indigenous artists, such as the Injalak Group, who we are partnered with.

For more information on how to create your beautiful and prosperous office environment, get in touch with our team to discuss what we can do for you.