Workplace Branding through Contemporary Design

Branding is a key element to any business. Brand identity is what makes your company unique, identifiable and engaging to your clients and customers. However, it’s extraordinary how many businesses still disregard branding in their corporate design or workplace.

Workplaces have changed significantly in recent years, with innovative technology and new attitudes paving the way for companies like Google to go all out with their commercial office fitout. At Sheldon, we understand the importance of blurring the lines between working and socialising to motivate employees. A workplace should be seen as a functional space as much as an arena for businesses to express who they are as a company.

The Benefits of Workplace Branding

Recent studies have shown businesses who place emphasis on bringing a workplace to life are more likely to see an improvement in workplace satisfaction and increased morale1. Your organisation should not only be bright and environmentally sustainable, but clearly illustrate the company’s vision, mission and values.

Key Benefits Include:
• Enhanced brand positioning
• Distinction from competitors
• Increased perceived value from investors
• Improved employee and customer satisfaction
• Higher employee retention rates

Ways to Implement Branding into the Work Environment

A majority of offices define workplace branding as a simple logo in reception or an ‘inspirational’ saying on the wall. While those features may echo what the brand is aspiring to be, there are many more creative and cost-effective ways to optimise workplace branding in the office fitout. Take time to think about how you can deliver the personality of your brand in everything from the desks, chairs and wallpaper, to the stationery used in everyday tasks. Much like how high street retailers design their stores to build trust and create a unique shopping experience with their customers, office corporate design should also communicate a consistent message to employees. The difference between an everlasting brand and an average brand is what’s behind them – employees.

Sheldon have assisted a wide variety of companies to brand their workplaces in an innovative and engaging way. We start by understanding the values of your brand to create recommendations tailored to your specific business.

How is your company ensuring employees feel part of, and become aligned to your brand?