Experts in the Delivery of Government Workplaces

During Sheldon’s 30+ years’ experience, we have gained a diversity of experience in creating future focused workplaces for Government, Public Sector, and Not for Profit clients.
We understand the unique risks, requirements, and challenges of Government projects, an expertise integrated across our internal divisions.

Achieving Value For Money


Through our internal divisions (design, manufacturing, electrical, installation, and project delivery) we provide cost competitive solutions with exceptional value for money. Sheldon’s ability to provide a turnkey experience if required, through internal divisions (manufacturing, electrical, design, partitioning, and installation) provides an efficient process that provides cost savings with strict adherence to budget and timeframe


Internal Australian regional manufacturing assists in achieving government regional procurement targets through local joinery/furniture provisions. Collaboration with our local contractor and supplier networks will help in identifying cost-saving opportunities at each stage of the project.


Tailored and reliable risk management systems developed over 30+ Years’ Experience gives Government assurance that all risks are mitigated. Our risk management/ stakeholder management system provides cost and program control through in-house divisions and process methodology.


Sheldon is Safety FSC/ISO accredited (sustainability, quality, WHS management). We ensure quality assurance and cost savings through all stages of your project. Our ISO accreditations for Quality, WHS, and Environment, along with our FSC certification ensure your project is delivered to the highest standard.


We provide a whole-of-life approach to value-for-money enabled by in-house design, fit out and joinery divisions. All Sheldon products are backed by a 20-year warranty.

Australian Manufacturing

In-House Australian Manufacturing & Local Procurement

With over 30 years of experience, Sheldon’s manufacturing facility in Somersby, NSW, and our established network of local suppliers ensure a reliable supply chain, enabling regional and local procurement.
  • $Commitment to local / regional procurement
  • $Supply chain risk management
  • $Sustainable materials and manufacturing practices
  • $Facilitates future proofing with 20 year manufacturing warranty
  • $Secures local jobs for Australians

Security Experience

(SCEC / Security Requirements)

Our extensive experience in construction for the Australian Government allows us to navigate SCEC and security requirements with ease.
  • $Experienced in SCEC/ High-level security zoning requirements
  • $Australian Defence Force NV1 Clearance in-house personnel
  • $High level acoustics noise transfer treatment experience
  • $High level Government project ITP experience

Internal Electrical / Technology Division

Sheldon ensure that your electrical services and implementations are delivered on budget and to a high level of quality. Our internal electrical team have experience across government projects in providing:
  • $High Level Data & AV Requirements
  • $High Level Government Project ITP's
  • $Sustainable Lighting Design
  • $Integrated NABERS Considerations

Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP)

Sheldon facilitates Government IPP targets and requirements by engaging Indigenous stakeholders, consultants, contractors, and suppliers for service and product procurement through Supply Nation. Our processes assist with:
  • $IPP Procurement Targets
  • $Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Support

Sustainability Targets & Requirements

Sheldon provides environmentally enhanced projects through our sustainable practices which include:
  • $85% Recycling Target For Site Materials
  • $Sheldon’s KPI’s include implementing a minimum of 4 green solutions to directly impact waste reduction and green design
  • $We offer sustainable material and design options through our design, manufacturing and procurement methodology
  • $Sustainable workplace strategies through our workplace assessment services

Modern Slavery Policy

Sheldon believes that we share an opportunity and responsibility to create the right balance of social, environmental and economic conditions for our employees, suppliers, partners, customers and investors.

Sheldon supports the requirements defined within the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018, and have developed a policy to protect all locations managed by us, and any of our off-site workplaces managed by nominated third parties, including any suppliers or subconsultants we work with as part of our supply chain ecosystem.

Innovations & Adaptability

Collaboration is at the core of Sheldon’s approach to innovation and buildability, our internal divisions allow us to be agile, innovative and effectively address any buildability issues that arise. With R&D ingrained in our internal divisions, we maintain competitiveness in both our service and product offerings.

Further to this Sheldon takes a cost-effective commitment to sustainability and innovation. Sheldon’s diverse in-house divisions, including furniture manufacturing, enable a range of innovative workplace initiatives for our clients such as adaptable and sustainable modular furniture system that integrates with Sheldon’s electrical division to incorporate innovative AV solutions.

Increased project flexibility and future proofing:

Particularly in project planning and execution. Any modifications or adjustments needed during the project, the in-house teams can quickly and efficiently make necessary changes.

Increased quality control

Sheldon maintains consistent quality of work across all the projects. Our in-house divisions implement and enforce standards and procedures, ensure compliance, and meet all regulatory requirements.

Whole of life costs

We look to develop innovative solutions that consider the whole-of-life impacts of our services and products. By doing so, they can create more sustainable, efficient, and effective solution that meet and exceed our clients requirements whilst minimising our environmental footprint.


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