Our Services

Our team of designers, project managers, site teams, installers, and manufacturing experts collaborate seamlessly to simplify and balance all the competing parts of creating and delivering your workspace.

Who we work with

  • $Tenants
  • $Tenant Representatives
  • $Landlords
  • $Leasing Agents
  • $Client Side Project Managers
  • $Government Departments

Discovery & Proposal:

  • Preliminary project briefing
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Early site investigation
  • CDC
  • Present space plan, concepts, cost plan and program
  • DA/Heritage determination

Workplace Strategy & Briefing:

  • Business drivers & corporate culture definition;
  • Utilisation study
  • Activity analysis
  • Strategy workshops & employee survey
  • Change management plan
  • Full assessment report


Plan & Concept Design:

  • Develop floor plan
  • Concept finishes and furniture intent
  • 3D visualisations
  • Base Building due diligence
  • Preliminary certifier assessment
  • Client sign-off on plan and concepts


Design Development & Documentation:

  • Architectural plans
  • Joinery and detailing documentation
  • FF&E schedules
  • Review of workplace strategy applications
  • Services design and documentation


Obtain Approvals:

  • Obtain building owner consent
  • Liaise with certifying authorities
  • Obtain statutory approvals (DA & CC / CDC approval)

Final Project Costs:

  • Present final costs to client
  • Value Engineer if required
  • Present final costs to client
  • Sign-off on lump sum contract


Construction & Certification:

  • Establish construction site and WHS
  • Provide workshop drawings approvals
  • Weekly site PCG meetings
  • Manage all building and services trades
  • Obtain occupation certification
  • Handover completed office fitout


Interior Design

Represent your brand and culture with commercial interior design

Our commercial interior design team strengthens our capacity to provide a fully integrated turnkey commercial fitout solution, which is creative, efficient and cost effective.

As we undertake all office fitout components in-house, Sheldon office interior designers are very aware of construction and buildability issues, enabling production and implementation cost to be kept to a minimum through strategic office design.


  • Space Audits
  • Storage Audits
  • Test Fit Plans
  • Space Planning
  • Tenancy Evaluation
  • Workplace Concepts Design
  • Furniture and Finishes Selections (FFFE Schedules)
  • 3D Visualisations and walk-throughs
  • Branding Integration
  • AV Technology Integration
  • Base Building Refurbishments
  • Lobby Refurbishments
  • Speculative Office Fitouts
  • Council and Private Certifier Approvals (DA, BCA, DDA, Heritage)

Workplace Strategy

An effective workplace strategy is the core of a successful business
By gaining a thorough understanding of your business’s current workplace performance, Sheldon’s workplace strategists align your workplace design solution with your organisational objectives.

We help you to understand the critical connection that enhances business performance – the relationship between people and the workplace.

How we get results

Our workplace strategists are experts in undertaking a Workplace Assessment which includes:

  • Identify business drivers
  • Space Utilisation analysis
  • Cross Departmental analysis
  • Surveys and Workshops
  • Storage and Filing Assessment
  • Technology Integration analysis
  • Workstyle indicators

Project Delivery

Our project delivery team oversee with efficiency every aspect of the commercial office fitout process. Our reliable project delivery team plan and execute commercial office fitouts that ensure cost, time and quality expectations are met.


Commercial office construction
Sheldon has earned an enviable reputation in commercial office construction as an outstanding fitout and refurbishment contractor with over 28 years of experience on complex and demanding projects, from full office construction fitouts to base building refurbishments.

Sheldon has an Integrated Management System incorporating certified systems for WHS, Quality and Environmental management. The Integrated Management System is certified by Global Mark under AS/NZS ISO 14001 – 2001, AS/NZS 4801 – 2001 AND AS/NZS ISO 9001 – 2008.

We have consistently delivered high-quality results to a wide range of clients with differing needs including make goods, base building refurbishment, fit out commercial construction and relocation management.

Furniture Systems

Manufacturing custom furniture systems

With over 20 years experience, and 2,500m2 of manufacturing and production space in Somersby, NSW, our furniture items can be tailored to meet your office design requirements.

Manufacturing in-house gives us the ability to meet your budget and program needs, as well as directly controlling the quality of the finished product while ensuring that it is certified and readily available.

From sit-to-stand workstations and boardroom tables to smart storage systems, Sheldon’s manufacturing division stays ahead of the curve in delivering innovative, high-quality modular joinery and furniture systems.


Provided by our in-house commercial electrical division

At Sheldon, our team of qualified Electricians and Technology contractors will assess your current and future needs, and integrate new technologies to improve the productivity and functionality of your office.

Our Electricians and Data/Technology team facilitates this by ensuring the efficient and economical installation of all your office electrical, data, lighting, audio/visual and technology requirements.


What are the key factors to consider when designing and constructing an office space?
The factors to consider when designing a new office space for your company include:

  • Employee needs (e.g., hybrid working, collaboration, disability, neurodiversity)
  • Aesthetics and Branding (what do you want your clients/employees first impression to be when they enter the space.
  • Technology requirements
  • Company culture (what elements of your company’s culture would you like to incorporate
  • Space planning (what areas are essential and desired in your new office)
  • Budget and timeline
  • Building codes and regulations
How long does it typically take to complete an office design and construction project in Australia?

The timeframe for an office design and construction project will depend on the size of the project and its requirements. Contact us today to organize a suitable timeframe for your project!

What are the common challenges in office design and construction projects?
Constructing an office has many different components and trades involved. At Sheldon, we combat supply chain and coordination issues by utilising in house divisions for our trades and manufacturing, to ensure your fitout is delivered on time and within budget.
What are the latest trends in office design and construction?
2023 office trends include an increased focus on flexible workstations and meeting rooms to accommodate hybrid working, an increased reliance on technology and AV systems, and overall office sustainability and future proofing.

There is also a focus on workplace happiness and wellbeing, with increased considerations of staff wellness and neurodiversity through sit-to-stand workstations, sensory variation, residential design, and socialization spaces.

What are the options for creating collaborative spaces and promoting teamwork in office design and construction?
Some options for creating encouraging teamwork through workplace design include:

  • Open floor plans to eliminate physical barriers to communication.
  • Collaborative workstations/hotdesking, can provide a flexible and collaborative environment.
  • Designing meeting rooms with ample space and appropriate equipment to facilitate meetings online and in person.
  • Informal breakout areas, such as lounges, cafes, or common areas with comfortable seating.
  • Designated collaboration zones to encourage team members to come together for collaborative work, brainstorming, and idea-sharing.
  • Proper soundproofing and acoustic treatments in collaborative spaces to reduce distractions and noise.
  • Incorporating natural light and biophilic design elements to create a more inviting and stimulating environment, enhancing creativity, well-being, and collaboration.
  • Employee input and feedback during the office design process to ensure space is tailored to their collaborative needs and preferences.
What is the typical budget range for office design and construction projects in Australia, and what factors can affect the cost?
The square meter rate of your office design and construction will depend on several factors, including workplace density, space types, furniture choices, and technology requirements. At Sheldon we utilize our in-house divisions to ensure that our quotes/contracts are fixed and within your budget.
How can office design and construction impact employee productivity and well-being?
Office design has significant impacts on employee productivity and well-being. Amounts of natural light, air quality, noise control, biophilia (plants), spatial layout, personalization, and safety are key factors to consider.

Ergonomically designed workstations and furniture, such as the ones constructed by Sheldon Manufacturing, can improve employee comfort and focus.

What are the key considerations for creating a functional and ergonomic office space?
The key to creating a functional and appropriate office space is understanding what your team needs and wants from the space. It is important to consult with key company stakeholders when designing a new office to make sure that everyone’s requirements are met.

For example, at Sheldon we make sure to collaborate closely with client teams throughout the course of a workplace project to make sure the most flexible and ergonomic outcome is being delivered.

How can I incorporate branding and corporate identity into my office design and construction project?
At Sheldon, we have plenty of experience incorporating brand identity and company culture into our client’s offices.

Beyond adding splashes of brand colours or including logo signage, a company can incorporate its corporate identity into an office by physically embodying elements of company culture, creating a showroom, or establishing a space for employees or visitors to partake in company-wide activities.


How do I get started with my office design and construction project in Australia?
Start your office design and construction process today by getting in touch with our team! At Sheldon we provide a free initial consultation and workplace assessment to understand your requirements, budget, and timeframe.