JQZ | Full Floor Speculative Suite

St Leonards



Total Area:




Design Duration:

4 weeks

Construction Duration:

7 weeks

JQZ's primary inquiry revolved around leveraging Sheldon’s insights to craft speculative suites that would stand out in the market and seamlessly integrate with the overall aesthetic of the new development. The initial conversation aimed to ensure the suites would not only attract potential tenants but also surpass competing buildings and speculative suites in terms of quality and value.


Going above and beyond the typical speculative fitout to meet the clients request, a large open plan breakout area was designed and constructed for the entrance of the suite to accommodate for several use cases. The space consists of a generous kitchen/break area, a town hall presentation space with tiered seating, reception, and a client lounge area that flows into the board room. These elements flow seamlessly, promoting a collaborative and social work environment.

The library, a unique inclusion to this office fitout, provides a calm focus area where employees can work on individual tasks. The dark features of the space, frosted window, and acoustic ceiling panels achieve a positive sensory experience. The inclusion of this space adds a spacial modality to the suite that provides variety to clients in addition to the collaborative and social areas.


The triumph of the project fostered a strong client relationship. In recognition of Sheldon’s exceptional performance, JQZ decided to entrust them with the responsibility of completing an additional two levels of speculative suites within the same building. This awarding of extra work underscores the client’s confidence in Sheldon’s ability to consistently deliver results that meet and exceed expectations.