JQZ | Level 10 Full Floor Speculative Suite

St Leonards



Total Area:




Design Duration:

4 weeks

Construction Duration:

7 weeks

This suite is one of three full floor speculative suites completed in a new development in St Leonards for JQZ. Sheldon was entrusted with the task of crafting high end suites that stand out in the market for their scale, impeccable details and future-forward design, which seamlessly integrates with the quality of the new development. Sheldon was briefed with creating suites to attract clients and surpass competing speculative suites with their style and quality.


This full floor design goes above and beyond a typical speculative fitout to meet the client's request. A standout feature is the large open plan breakout area, designed and constructed at the entrance of the suite to accommodate for several use cases. The space consists of a generous kitchen/break area, a town hall presentation space with tiered seating, reception, and a client lounge area that flows into the board room. This emphasis on open, collaborative and entertainment spaces ensures a flexible space with future longevity.

The custom library area is a unique inclusion to the JQZ suites. The dark features of the space, frosted window, and acoustic ceiling panels achieve a positive sensory experience and create the perfect environment for focus work.


As the third full floor speculative suite completed for JQZ in the same building, this project exemplifies the strong client relationship and trust that was developed over the course of this partnership. The success of each suite demonstrates confidence in Sheldon's design, construction and manufacturing capabilities, with Sheldon joinery featured boldly throughout the space. This suite successfully shows how a large entertainment space can be the focal point of a contemporary workplace.